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Kaia as a Pup

Dog Warranty

Wine Country Doodles works closely with their veterinarians to insure that all pups are to the best of our knowledge in excellent health and free of infectious communicable diseases. Buyer has been advised of any pertinent medical history and current status of immunity.

Your puppy has a 72-hour warranty against infectious communicable diseases and as such, the buyer is to have their pup checked by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours from the time & date buyer takes possession of pup. Parasites are excluded from the warranty. Though we routinely check and treat as needed, parasites are common in the course of a pupís life. In the event puppy is found to be sufficiently medically unsound as to warrant return, the buyer shall immediately notify the seller. Should a warranty claim ever be made, a written statement (legible) of all findings and records on said pup since leaving Wine Country Doodles, shall be sent directly from the examining vet. In the unlikely event a pup was to die - satisfactory proof of death from a registered veterinarian will be required.  Wine County Doodles will make every effort to provide a replacement as soon as a puppy becomes available. Your pup is further warranted against life threatening congenital defects until age one (1).  Any monies to be refunded shall be at the sellerís option or mutually negotiated.  In no case shall refund and /or compensation exceed price of pup. Abuse or accident voids warranty.  The seller shall NOT assume liability for veterinary expenses incurred by the buyer unless through prior arrangements in writing.  The seller reserves the right to choose the treating veterinarian.  All transporting and shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. Wine Country Doodles will make no exchanges after the 72 hour time period and no veterinarian bills will be refunded.

Sale to be considered initiated and finalized in Sonoma County, California. This warranty is accepted as sole recourse.

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