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My Experience with Wine Country Doodles                          April 24, 2012

As Sam is lying by my feet (or sometimes on my feet) I want you to know I feel complete HAPPINESS!

After having to put our “old” dog to sleep several months ago our search began for a new puppy.  This dog would have to meet my many requirements for a “great” family dog.  After doing a lot of research, I decided that a Labradoodle was the right breed for us.  Now for the hard part, finding the right breeder?

I did lots of searching around on the internet and talking to many breeders on the phone, some sounded reputable based on their websites but would never even return my phone calls or emails.  Many of them sadly appeared as puppy miss, not what I was looking for! 

I live in Santa Rosa and was not afraid to travel to find the right breeder and puppy.  Low and behold I found Wine Country Doodles just a few miles away here in Santa Rosa.  I sent an email to Annette requesting information about her brand new litter of puppies.  I had a reply from her within a few minutes.  We spoke briefly on the phone and she invited me to come over that same afternoon to see her 1 week old litter of 5 and to talk some more.

I was greeted by the “mother dog” Amei, who couldn’t have been any sweeter, as she happily accepted me into the puppy room and proudly let me look at her babies.  I ended up spending about an hour with Annette asking her lots of questions and she in return asked me questions as to what we were looking for in a dog?  I was also able to meet the “sire” to this litter, very sweet and eager to run and play and meeting her other dogs as well was very important part to this process to me.  These dogs are well cared for, happy and relaxed around “strange” people.  Needless to say I was very impressed and left Annette with a deposit for one of her puppies.  I also followed up with about 5 people that have dogs from Annette from previous litters, the people I selected to talk to had all wonderful things to say about their dogs and Annette.  Some have even come back for a second dog!

My kids and I have followed this litter for 10 weeks now.  We have visited every week, sometimes twice a week so I feel like I couldn’t have made a more informed decision.  My kids have been able to watch these guys grow and have had the opportunity to play with them during this waiting period.

The most important visit was about 5 weeks when I brought my trainer over to confirm (or not) that I was making the right decision. It was time to pick a puppy!

We arrived with a few “props” ready to test the entire litter.  We used a whistle for noise, opened up an umbrella etc looking for any undesired behavior and also watching for their “recovery response”.   These guys passed with flying colors!  We expected to see some startling at least but these guys were all very confident and secure and us making noises and moving around with funny looking objects did not even face them a bit.  My trainer also interviewed Annette as to how long she has been breeding dogs, what her dogs are like, describe the litter and what the puppies daily routine is, feeding, vaccinations, training,

After spending a few hours there his words were “you can’t go wrong with any of these puppies, they will all be great dogs.  Annette obviously know what she is doing, she is doing everything right for these dogs, very impressive”.

So thank you Annette for doing such a wonderful job raising these little guys to this point.  I promise we will continue to do a good job raising our Sam from here on out.  I would HIGHLY recommend Annette and Wine Country Doodles to anyone looking for a Labradoodle,

Best ,
M. Young, Realtor
Owner of L112 Sam Born Feb 18, 2012 Age 10 weeks

Table Top L112 _5 Sam


Testimonial for Wine Country Doodles:

Such a smart doodle!
I met Annette Kaplan when I decided to adopt a pup after the passing of my 9 year old Doberman. I was looking for intelligence, strength and a very big heart ….. I found all of these attributes and then some, in Ruby; a pup from the recent litter of Nico and Gracie.
Annette is just magical with her adult dogs and the puppies. When it was time to meet them, I was completely overwhelmed by all nine fur balls. Annette was incredibly patient and helpful in guiding me through the selection process. She is so in tuned with each pup’s personality and sensitive to my needs that she matched me up with the perfect Ruby.
The puppies are very well cared for by Annette; they are socialized and introduced to different environments early on and they are paper trained and crate trained by the time they are ready to come home. They are wonderful and beautiful puppies each with their own unique personality.  I’m lucky enough to be local, so I visited all the puppies from the time they were 4 weeks till they were ready to go home. Annette welcomed the visits and I really had opportunities to bond with them and witness the love and care that went into the raising of these puppies.
Ruby is a red with long, gracious legs, button eyes and a perfect nose. She is the mellowest of the 9 puppies and sweet as can be. She came home with me at 9 weeks…..our first night was surprisingly easy…she loves her crate and slept through the night. She knows to eliminate on the paper, set just outside her crate! Amazing! By the next day, she figured out how to go up and down the stairs…go potty down below and use the doggie door.  She continues to amaze me daily.  Annette had a trainer work with the puppies when they are about 6 weeks…Ruby already knows the basics of sit, down, let’s go, and a few others. We work on these basics every day so Ruby can continue to be the smartest doodle in Sebastopol.
Ruby’s sister Olive, went home with my good friends from SF; she’ll be living in Berkeley and the 2 girls will be spending a lot of play time together.  The pups already spent their first Thanksgiving with their best friend, a 5 month mini longhair Dachshund. The puppies did wonderfully well on their own and also as a group.
I can’t say enough wonderful things about Wine Country Doodles and Annette; she has given me the pleasure of caring for one of the most beautiful and smart puppy in the world! Ruby and I are blissfully happy! Thanks Annette.

Angie & Ruby, Sebastopol, CA
November 2011

Ruby Born September 2011

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Testimonial for Wine Country Doodles:

In December, 2006 we were seriously considering getting another puppy as our German Shepherd of 14 years had passed away during the summer. However, we were looking for a much smaller dog that was hypoallergenic and one that was definitely ‘calm .’  We knew the odds of finding a ‘calm’ puppy would be difficult. Annette at Wine Country Doodles was very receptive to our needs and found a perfect match for us in our labradoodle, Cyndr.  Cyndr is not only calm but also very intelligent and easy to train.  She began her comprehensive training as a Therapy Pet at the age of 14 months. Even her evaluators said it is unusual to find a dog so young who can handle the demands required of a Therapy Dog.  Cyndr now works as part of the Kaiser Permanente Dog Therapy Program at Kaiser, Vallejo.

Aside from her serious work, Cyndr is an incredible athlete!  For her size  (22 lbs) she swims right along with the big dogs!  She has been in oceans, rivers and lakes all over California and is very easy to travel with. 

I would highly recommend working with Annette and Wine Country Doodles for anyone interested in adding a  mini-labradoodle to their family.  Annette knows her dogs and puppies well and  listens to the needs of the clients to determine a perfect match for your family!

Donna and Michael Chin,
Hercules, CA Feb 2010

Purchased Cyndr in 2006

Cyndr Cyndr Cyndr

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Testimonial for Wine Country Doodles:

I have the honor and total pleasure of owning two Labradoodles, from Annette Kaplan, of Wine Country Doodles. Kaia, our now four year old Labradoodle, is in the Guardianship program. Our new puppy, Gracie, just six months old, will also participate in the Guardianship program, in the future.

Both Kaia and Gracie are clever dogs and they exude personality. Labradoodles shed little to no hair and quickly house train. They are fun, yet calm. They enjoy outside activities, but rarely pass on an opportunity to cuddle in your lap. Their size makes them manageable to travel and vacation with.  To keep them looking their best, I recommend regular grooming, every four to six weeks. They are very social dogs and love to be with their humans.

Kaia's puppies were born at our home, so they entered this world in a relaxed, stress-free environment. They remained with us, for the first three to four weeks. They then went to Annette's home, where they remained for the next several weeks. They continued to be raised in a home environment, where they are nurtured and cared for, until they have reached a maturity level to where they could go to their forever homes. Annette makes it her mission to breed and raise healthy puppies, which will make the best quality canine family member and companion. Her highly ethical approach produces puppies that are playful, smart and highly trainable. Her adult Labradoodle breeding parents have comprehensive health screenings, such as eye, hip and elbow exams to diagnose any hereditary problems. All puppies are vaccinated and wormed, on schedule, to ensure a good, healthy start. As a bonus, she has a trainer come into her home to begin teaching your puppy basic commands and leash training. It is my experience, that Annette Kaplan, of Wine Country Doodles is an exceptional breeder, whose main goal is to provide her clients with a healthy, happy puppy. If you are lucky enough to own one of Annette's pups, you are pretty darn lucky!!!

K Ward Owner of “Kaia-Lucy” & “Gracie”
Novato, CA.

Purchased dogs 2008 & 2009




Kaia & gracie

Gracie & Mijo

Gracie and Mijo


Queen Kaia


We highly recommend Annette Kaplan & her wonderful dogs at Wine Country Doodles.  Annette is a smart, loving & conscientious breeder & I truly admire her approach to the dogs.  She raises her puppies in a loving home environment, with plenty of stimulation, wonderful care & lots of attention.  After years of promising our four children a puppy, we finally decided we were ready.  I spent quite a lot of time researching breeds & the labradoodle seemed perfect: friendly, active, calm, smart & non-shedding.  As a novice to the world of dogs, I did my research & called several breeders.  Even over the phone, I could tell Annette was the breeder for us.  Within a few minutes, she provided me with resources & more information than all the other breeders combined.  Not only was it clear that she was a real expert, I didn't feel any sales pressure as I had with a few of the other breeders.  (One breeder, when I said we wanted a puppy with an outgoing nature, told me that puppies don't have personalities!!)   Annette invited us to come for a visit, just to familiarize ourselves with the breed.  Of course, we fell in love with little Cody, who is now the star of the family.  Not only is he adorable, but also he has the sweetest nature.  My 2-1/2 year old twin niece & nephew just visited & though they are also adorable, they are a force of nature.  I was more than a little worried about how Cody would handle them.  Luckily, the training tips Annette provided, such as handling the dogs' ears & feet often, prepared Cody for the little hands that couldn't stop playing with him.  The 3 of them rolled on the floor & played together everyday; Cody didn't once jump on them, didn't bite & didn't growl when they played with his food (I prepared him for that, too).  We really appreciated that Annette started Cody on training early, so that when we brought him home, he knew how to sit, stay & lie down.  Also, he was nearly house-trained, which I now know is huge.  I think the breed is a smart breed, but I also attribute our pup's brightness to early training & stimulation.  At a puppy socialization class at our vet's, everyone was surprised that he could already sit & lie down on command.  Though we're not quite ready for another puppy yet, my kids are keeping an eye on the upcoming litters & we will definitely go back to Annette.  My husband & I are more than pleased with our puppy experience and wouldn't hesitate to give Annette the highest recommendation.

U Smit
Piedmont, CA

Purchased Cody Jan 2010 Age 3 mos

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