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North American Cockapoo Registry
Exceptional web site for care and training of puppies

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

Canine Eye Registration Foundation

Dr Grant Patrick, (an exceptional vet)

Montecito Veterinary Center
4900 Sonoma Highway
Santa Rosa Ca 95409
Tel: 707-539-2322  

  / Fax: 707-539-2158

Dog Walking for Puppies and Adult Dogs

Chris Tenter
Santa Rosa
(707) 579-0680

Brenna Brown ~ Good Gromer! !
The Grooming Gallery • Shop:  707 829 3535 Cel:    707 508 9712
Brenna's email:

"The Secret Lives of Dogs: The Real Reasons Behind 52 Mysterious Canine Behaviors" (Paperback © 2000) found on

Some Questions to ask when buying a puppy:

Have all their breeding dogs have been tested for and passed genetic diseases?
What medical tests have the specific adult parents had  & when to rule out genetic diseases? 
What generation are the pups and the adult parents? A 3rd generation and up generally have nice characteristics.
Do the adult dogs come from a proven lineage of OFA testing? (Orthopedic Foundation of Animals). 
When has your pup’s litter last been tested for Giardia  & parasites and ear infections prior going to new owners


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