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Nov 27 2011

Hi Annette,
Here are a few pics of Jango, he's doing great! We love so much about him, it's hard to know where to start. First I'd say is his loving nature, Jango is such a sweet soul, he makes you feel good just to have him near. Not only is he loving, but he is very playful, he thinks he's one of the kids and just loves to run and play in their games. Jango is also very smart, he understands things really quick and I can't wait for him to learn more because he really seems ready to soak it all up. Wherever we go, Jango brings a smile to people's face, he is such a charming little guy. My favorite is when I am whirling about in the busyness of life and look down to find Jango gazing up at me with his tender brown eyes and little beard, I drop everything I am doing and sit with him for a good petting session and all of a sudden I am at peace. Jango is truly special dog and our family feels so lucky that we found one another. Thanks Annette, hope you are well and I'll be in touch, we could probably use another grooming session soon. :)

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Nov 22, 2011
Dear Annette,

This will be the picture on our Christmas card.  We adore our Charlie, he is
the best.  33 lbs and tall, the vet calls him a super model.  In the house
he's quiet and cuddley, out on the beach he's all puppy, playing beautifully
with any dog available.  We hit the jackpot and can't thank youenough....All our best, Sharon and Rod B

L110 Charlie L110 Charlie

Charlie is 1 year old & 33 lbs

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Chins in the News ! August 11, 2011
HI Annette,
I am not sure if you even watch KPIX news, but I wanted to share the link highlighting Cyndr as one of the Dog Therapists at Kaiser, Vallejo. Mike and I got her from you in Dec. 2006. She has been not only a fantastic pet, but a GREAT therapy dog in many facilities.  The Director of TherapyPets selected her for the hospital program two years ago!  So, I wanted to give you an update on one of your pups!

Hope the link comes through and you can see her!  She is also on your testimonial page!  Whenever the staff at Kaiser asks me where I got her, I refer them to you!  

Here is a link to a recent tv segment that I want to share that features Donna and Cyndr doing their volunteer work at Kaiser. You do have to wait through a brief ad first.

Cyndr is 5 1/2 years old in 2011

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July 28, 2011

Hi Annette
Woody the waterdog. He loves swimming at Tahoe. Woody is a dream. Great personality. So much fun !
Best, Jack

Woody was born April 2010

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We were looking for: Size, Personality, Looks, Intelligence & Non-shedding.
Wine Country Doodles was fabulous. and met our expectations.  We love Maggie!

What distinguishes Wine Country Doodles  is the Size and Personality of their dogs.  We have had friends who purchased labradoodles from other breeders, and those puppies did not meet their expectations in size or personality.

Maggie is very smart, loveable, and the perfect size and personality to travel with (great in cars, hotels, unfamiliar territories, so easy going).  Maggie is fabulous with children of all ages and other animals (including cats).

Jan V
Maggie is 4 yrs Old 21 inches 33lb

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We considered Cyndr's temperament. When you said she was a 'calm puppy', that is exactly what we were looking for.  The labradoodle's non-shedding fur, her socialization with the other dogs on your premises, price and ability to travel to see her and her parents  prior to purchase were other important considerations for us.  Wine Country Doodles provided us with what we were looking for at the time.

We were specifically looking for a small dog. Your specializing in 'mini labradoodles' was what made us select your website in the first place. The multi-generational aspect was very significant.  Many people do not know about this when considering Labradoodles.  Make sure you emphasize this in your marketing!

Our dog is incredibly smart and calm. She was one of the youngest dogs accepted into Therapy Pet training at the age of 14 months!  After working at assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, she was invited to begin the Pet Therapy Program at Kaiser, Vallejo.  She came highly recommended for the hospital program by Terri Mitchell, director of TherapyPets through Alameda County.  I am very proud of her accomplishments....she is incredible at following commands, laying on patient's beds, and bringing smiles to patients' faces! She is also an avid tennis ball retriever and has incredible stamina. She accompanies us on 5 mile bike rides and isn't tired at the end of the ride as little as she is.

D. Chin
Cyndr Ella is 3.5 yrs Old, 17 in 22 lbs

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We could not be happier with our two Doodles..Bouzy and Zoe.  They are a perfect show place for you as we have about 1000 visitors to our winery and they greet visitors everyday!  Do you have any idea how many people we have sent to you???  We have at least 5 customers that we know of that have purchased your puppies and they send us photos all the time. 

What we love about our Doodles is that they are smallish...and so well tempered!  Perfect pet !

Fisher Vineyards
Bouzy and Zoe, 3.5 yrs Old

We are having a blast with Tuqui. She is a fabulous, kind, smart, loving dog.

We did not research very much. We saw a dog from you, fell in love and that was it. All went very well with Wine Country Doodle. Tuqui was a well-adjusted and loving dog when we received her.

We have not dealt with other breeders

We like that our dog is smart, a perfect size at 21 pounds, beautiful color, sweet, sweet sweet personality and just the best friend at 11 months.

Tuqui 11 mos 21 lbs


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My experienct with Wine County Doodles was great.  I knew I wanted a Labradoodle, and you were the only local breeder I found.  You were very professional and made it very easy to choose the right dog for us.

Cassidy is a wonderful dog!  Very loving with a great personality.  He has his "Marley" moments, but for the most part, he is very well behaved.  We just love him!

I have included a pic of him and his Dad on
Christmas day at his Grandmas house.. cheering for their Dallas Football team.

J LeBaudour
Cassidy 1 years 6 mos 19.5in 26 lbs

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Abby is doing great. She is such a darling puppy. We are thrilled she joined our family. She has a mellow, cute personality. She is so good.

When researching for a dog I think the most important things are the breeding history, health, location, price, color
Wine Country Doodle met all our needs and expectations

Wine Country Doodles was one of the few breeders of smaller labradoodles, that was critical to me.  

I liked that we got to pick out our dog in person.  I was not open to having a dog shipped without seeing her.   I also liked that you were close by and willing and able to watch Abby when we went away for the first time.

Linda Henn Abby 11 mos old

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What was important to us in getting a dog were: the references. The cleanliness of the site. Doing what they say they are going to do The follow ups and the knowledgeable about the dogs  Truly taking care of the dogs before they are sold.

Everything went great, Annette kept me up to date, and did what she said she was going to do. She was flexible when I was trying to set a date to see the puppies.  Puppies were clean and healthy.
She was knowledgeable about the dogs , we were given instructions and care information for  caring for the puppy.  Along with resources, and medical history . We were given an application, Receipt of Sale and Deposit and a warranty. 

We like Syrah's look, she is smart and very sweet.  Likes to play with her ball,  likes to go for walks, always is ready to do what ever we got going on.

M&L Rego
Syrah 3.5  yrs  Old, 19 in 28 lbs



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