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Savannah continues to amuse and bring joy. She is still a bundle of energy and personality plus. Still the one to bound in the room to deliver a hug and a kiss.

Sandra and Scott O. ~ Dec 26 2013 ~ Savannah L406

Your note is very serendipitous, as I was just about to write you and thank-you again for our wonderful, loving, and sweet Lily.  We are all in love with her and everyone who meets her can't believe what a sweet, loving little dog she is.  I was sad to hear you've retired from breeding and wish we had gotten two Lily's.  Alas, Lily is a one of a kind.  She continues to be obedient, loving and can play fetch for hours. 

Happy Holidays!  Thank-you again for our fine Lily.

Maria M .... ~ December 23, 2013 ~ Lily L211

Skarlett is the most adorable, lovable, playful, sweet, even-tempered, amazing doggy. She LOVES to lick and cuddle in her favorite pink blanket, and she knows she is the princess of the house. Possibly my favorite thing that Poodle does is wake me up every morning, without fail. She pops up on my bed, lays on my stomach, stares at me for a few seconds, and then proceeds to excitedly lick my face until I wake up. Poodle has breakfast with me, and I couldn't think of a more enjoyable way to start every single day. 

Skarlett is simply a wonderful addition to our family. She is obedient,loyal, smart, cute, funny and never fails to put a smile on my face. I love my little Doodle dog to the moon and back, and I can't thank you enough Annette for my little girl. Fun fact: She can destroy any given stuffed toy in under 10 minutes.

Hayley and Diana F ~ Nov 2 2012 ~ Skarlett L106

 It seemed to have taken a good four years for Sadie to get the kind of confidence that other labradoodles have. That transformation has happened she seems to be one of the happiest dogs and most pleasant friends I've had the pleasure of spending life with.  So smart, we don't typically need words to communicate.  I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to find her.  It had been years since I had a dog, I had forgotten how much we learn about ourselves from them.

Chris & Michelle B ~ Dec 13 2013 ~ Sadie L209

Well, Amei is just amazing.  She is so beautiful and we are smitten as we have never been before with a pet.  She is the love of our  lives.   We look forward to each day and enjoy her company every 
minute we are with her.  We can't stand to leave her home as we must sometimes do because we miss her even for short periods.   Our neighbors just adore her and always want  to have her for a sleepover . I can't risk it as Amei falls in love to easily and I'm afraid she'll want to adopt them. 

Morpho came for Thanksgiving and I can't tell you how thrilled they were with each other.
They  are old pals and it  is so obvious they have a close bond.

Thank you again for trusting us with your special girl. We are really taking great care of her.

Barbara L ~ Dec 23 2013~ Amei L110

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Paul will give Abby the newspaper and ask her to bring it to me and she does.  She is also a therapy dog.  We visit patients in the hospital and she is terrific there.   She is very smart, adorable and loving.  

Judy and Paul H ~ Dec 21 2013 ~ Abby L307

I can only say T H A N K   Y O U so very much for bringing such wonderful animals into our lives. Little did I realize 5 years ago when we came to your house to find a "surprise" puppy for Ada for her 10th birthday that it would change our lives forever. Henry (or Henrietta as we sometimes call him with great affection) was a much needed, beautiful addition to our family. We all fell in love with him and he with us. The biggest surprise of all was Adam my sub and,  who didn't want a dog in the first place and wasn't enthusiastic about the idea. That soon changed dramatically when they both became best friends and companions. It was really quite natural and easy to come back to you for our second, Louie (both kings of France!). Louie, the more outgoing, people loving, ball loving character was  the perfect fit for Henry, the shy, reserved, more timid character. They slowly, but surely became buddies and now are truly inseparable. Our family would not be complete without them both. There has been so much learning and loving I could go on for pages, but I think you understand fully the joy we experience with these two lovely animals.

Kate B ~ Dec 18 2013 ~ Henry L308 ~ & ~ Louie L410

Rio (adopted November 2009 - son of Morpho and Kaia). is happy and healthy living in Greenbrae (Marin).

Ann & David J ~ Dec 14 2013 ~ Rio L309

Ruby is great...she has mastered the weave poles in agility class! She is the BEST in class - last week, we did the course off-leash.....she knew exactly where the entrance was and she made it through like a pro! We'll try to capture it on video this week so you get a chance to see her perform! 

Nico is settling in...he is a super sensitive fellow....we're really just beginning to understand each other. I love him to death! He's loosening up and is getting quite playful even with little Otis.

Calla and Kirsten are devoted to each other; i get Calla stories daily.

We were givena little camera for the house...it's called Dropcam! I get to watch the living room and see what those doodles are up to anytime. I caught Ruby stealing knitting from the dining room table, unraveling it and chewing up my bamboo needles. she also chewed up a little green silk bag!

Angie K ~ Dec 20 2013 ~ Ruby L211~ & ~ Nico L310~ + part of a large WCD Doodle community

Yankee and Annie could not be better. They play hard with each other and never fail to attract attention when we take them for walks in the neighborhood. I'll send you send pictures soon.

Gary & MaryLou W ~ Dec 14 2013 ~ Yankee L208 ~ & ~ Annie L111

Riley is wonderful. He is sweet as can be - full of love. There isn't a mean bone in his body. He's a bit on the clumsy side, frequently tripping over his own paws, but he's a good boy. He is silly, playful, and always let's you know how happy he is to see you! He's certainly the love of my life and I'm so happy to have found him. I believe he was meant to be mine.

I work full time in a doctor's office in Marin, and he stays at home during the day with the other doodles. He loves being at home with his "Grammie" and the other doodles - he and Gracie are the best of friends. He absolutely adores her. 
Michelle W ~ Dec 13 2013 ~ Riley L112 

Morpho is doing so well Annette! Brian and I both feel really blessed and lucky to have him! Our kids also adore him. Thank-you!

Lisa and Brian L Dec 14 2013 Morpho 2006

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Kona is absolutely the sweetest - and cutest thing ever. Mellow but fun in the park or anywhere on the go. I too am grateful to have met you and found Kona to be my special pet. Everyone loves her, and of course she loves anyone who walks into my house! 

Mary DV ~ Dec 13 2013 ~ Kona ~ L312

Shadow (nee, Sofi) is the best dog we could ever have imagined. She has maintained perfect health and fitness and seemingly grows sweeter by the day, as if that were possible.  Thank you so much for helping us connect to this beautiful and precious gift.

Marty & Sue H ~ Dec 13 2013 ~ Shadow L209

Cali is going on 8 months now. Tomorrow she will attend her 4th training session. We see definite growth. Beyond that, we could go on and on about how Cali has changed our lives, especially mine. When we adopted Cali, I was about 1 year out from my critical cervical spine injury. Because of the partial paralysis and chronic pain, my condition dominated my thought life, not to mention my physical challenges .

Since Cali came into our lives, she now occupies a great part of my days in every way. I get up earlier, exercise more and focus on her needs. She makes me belly laugh throughout the day. That's the best.

Carol loves her too, of course. Carol takes Cali on long walks with a group of friends and their dogs 4 or 5 days a week. Cali loves the walks and all the other dogs. She's the baby and thus learning from the other dogs. Cali weighs 25+ lbs. now. She literally flies through the air on a regular basis.

To summarize, Cali is fun, healthy and happy. She's determined to form a friendship with our cat, Gerry. She loves people and she loves us. We are greatly appreciative for the way she's changed our lives.

John & Carol B ~ Dec 13 2013 ~ Cali L213

Thank you for our wonderful Bogee (a son of Morpho!).  We love him so much.

Rick & J U. ~ Dec 13 2013 ~ Bogee L208

Luna is lovely.  In brief, she’s a fast learner, sweet as sugar, and just a pleasure. Her training is progressing amazingly: she sits, stays, down, goes to her spot, “hi – fives”, has learned to “leave it”, and the list goes on and on! Plus, she’s having fun—we’re playing fetch, tug-of-war, etc.! And, she’s getting bigger. July 19 2013

I just wanted you to know that on Sunday, Luna passed her AKA Good Citizens Test. She’s an amazing dog. So confident and balanced.  Thank you again for everything.

Mitch G ~ Nov 26, 2013 ~ Luna L113

Cleo and Sam Curled up together

Marie Y. ~ Dec 2013 ~ Sam L112~ Cleo L213

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Kirsten T ~ October 14 2013 ~ Cala and Nico~ L310~ and friend Otis L310

Happy Birthday Tobit Debbie T Sept 7 2013 Tobit L412

Words would never express the joy that Francisco has brought to our family. We are having the most wonderful time getting to know him and watching him grow into our tribe.
We cannot that you enough for your efforts in bringing him into our lives.

Mimi K ~ July 19 2013   ~ Francisco L213

Woody still loves the lion you sent him home with almost three years ago. He is such a great dog.
Jack F. ~ July 20 2013 ~ Woody L310

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There is so much to tell you about Stella that I don't know where to start. She is a chewer. She is beautiful and soft and LOVED. My sister has practically moved to Sonoma because of  Stella. She barks at Rocky when she thinks she is done with her bone and he is still chewing. At first she loved her babies. Now she is un-stuffing them through their eye button. She is no end of fun. Stella is a barker. We had to get a citronella bark collar which we put on her now and then. Mostly she is trying to say something and we are trying to understand but it is still annoying. She barks for Rocky to move because he is in her way and she feels blocked. Her coat is beautiful. She has been to the groomer in Sebastopol 3 times and she loves it. She does not like to be brushed and growls if we don't stop though she does like some brushing.

Andrea & Ken ~ Dec 17 2013 ~ Stella L113

Just checking in. Skye  is a wonderful big brother.  He has slowly gotten closer and closer to Sadie to where now he sleeps beside her on a mat on the floor.  His is like a gentle giant, he lets her take bones and toys and sometimes even brings toys to her. I keep her on a long lead but she doesn't have as much freedom yet.  Skye gets lots of extra love and reassurance from all of us. He now climbs into everyones lap to be certain he is still our baby too.  Both dogs bring such joy to my heart.  I just wanted you to know how meaningful your dogs are. Last year was brutal. Skye helped us all get through it and now with Sadie he will have a lifetime friend.

T McMillian ~ July 5 2013 ~ Blu Skye L412~ Sadie L213

Bobo got an A+ on his vet exam today with Dr. Patrick. Our new little guy is so mellow and is a joy to have. Thank you so much for bringing him into this world and into our lives. Max is getting used to another "scent" around his stuff. Bobo loves to follow him around.

Smita & Greg M ~ July2 2013 ~ Bobo L213

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I met Annette for the first time almost 8 years ago. I lived with her for almost 7 months, as an exchange student, which was when she and her son began their dog business. At that time, of course it was something completely new and a challenge for both of them. It started with their family dog Maya who was 2 when she had her first litter in 2005. (She is still is my most favorite in the world, the sweetest dog ever!) and then they added a new puppy, Morpho, and then another 3  adults for breeding and so on, so the business slowly grew. I had the chance to see a couple of female dogs gave birth and I also had the chance to be around the puppies until they were sold and left for their new homes. Oh, Maya’s first babies were just adorable! Most of them were the color of chocolate, so sweet and fluffy, you could just eat them!

These puppies were so loved, so spoiled, and so well taken care. When Annette was petting a dog or a puppy, she always took care to pet them all; when she was playing with one outside she called all of them for a game! In the morning she would sit on the floor with all them around, drinking her coffee! She divided her attention among all, - the little ones and the big ones. They were free to walk around the house, slept on dog beds on the floor, or play freely in the yard.  The result was that the puppies learned how to love and how to live within the “home spirit”.

I visited Annette again in August 2011, and I was amazed to see that her habits with the dogs were the same. She did not have as many adult dogs as she used to, but their “treatment” was the same. Isn’t that nice to know that your dog is well adjusted? They were all so warm, adorable and loving.

All these feelings and perceptions are my own as I lived in her house for months and they are not like someone who comes for a short visit looking for a puppy.

Loradana C
Romania February 2012   

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