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About Our Breeding Program

We raise and breed non-shed and low-shedding Multi-Generational American and Australian Labradoodles, F2b, F3, F3b, F4, F5, F6,ALA3 and ALA4 puppies. They originate either from Purebred Australian Labradoodle stock, and/or American Doodle Registry stock that can be traced back to AKC origins. All our breeding dogs are in good health and have wonderful dispositions.  Adults 2 years and older are OFA and CERF certified. They have passed screening for 18 different diseases. Though we are not a member of IALA, as of December 2009, we have adopted the IALA Labradoodle Grade Standard method for determining our dogs generations.
We prefer to raise all our dogs in a home environment rather than in a kennel. Breeding dogs who receive the loving attention found in a home generally have better dispositions as do their pups.

Our puppies are constantly handled and provided with individual care and attention daily. They have experience playing with children and adults as part of their socialization process, making the transition to your home easier.

They are put on a health schedule and are routinely vaccinated and de-wormed while in our care. A full physical exam and fecal exam will be provided by a licensed veterinarian in Santa Rosa, CA. before going to you as new owner.  We work closely and frequently with our vets to ensure good health in our pups before they join their new families. Our contract provides you with a health warranty against any hereditary life threatening illnesses.

We work closely with each of you to select a puppy that is best suited for your family so the puppy will remain in his / her home for a lifetime. We offer continuing support of your pet. Should a situation arise which prohibits you from keeping your dog, we will be happy to take the dog back or assist you in finding a new home for him/her.

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