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Wine Country Doodles Announces Our 7th year Anniversary !

In honor of this special Anniversary, we have invited our clients to share their stories and photos of their dogs. Please enjoy. We are proud of the vigorous high standards we maintain, of the quality of dogs we breed and of the amazing people who have become our clients. We work very closely with our main veterinarian , Dr Grant W. Patrick, (just voted the best veterinarian in Sonoma County, 2012) in keeping our dogs and pups in good health, up to date in vaccines and parasitic control. All our adult dogs receive tests for OFA Hips, Elbows & Patellas, OFA Cerf exams and DNA and our entire lineage comes from dogs who have been OFA certified.

Wine Country Doodles Bring Joy and Beauty into People's Lives. They provide Comfort, Companionship and Unconditional Love.

Sincerely, Annette Kaplan, Owner ......................December 28,2012

Read what our clients have to say. Scroll Down to see all. Click Photos for larger images!

Hi Annette!
Congrats on 7 years and many, many puppies! Savannah just had her 6th birthday and is as lovable and energetic as ever. Hard to believe that she's a grandma many times over. Cheers!

Sandra O......Oct 21, 12............................................SAVANNAH of Litter .L5_L406

L5_L406_Savannan L5_ L5_L406 Savannah

We could not love him more. We have always had great dogs but he is the best ever! Thanks for producing such a fabulous friend.  

Stephanie & Tom A.....Oct 23, 12..................................CHARLIE of Litter L17_L110

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Hello Annette, here are some wonderful photos of Greta, the one in the cart for Target Store we had her 2 months, she has been riding in carts since then to all stores that allow dogs, Walmart Target, Marshalls, TJMaxx, HomeDepot, OfficeDepot etc.  She loves to be held and loved and loves riding in the car with her head out, and runs like a bullet to retrieve her ball, and does not chew up her soft toys. She is fabulous! Sleeps with anyone who will have her on the bed. Hugs everyone, to the joy of those getting hugged. She is precious, I did send you the photo of her with her head out the window, she loves it and goes in the car with me everyday, and she puts her head out....tee hee.

Betty T......Oct 23 12........................................................GRETA of Litter L12_L308

We love Champ! One of our favorite things about him is that he talks to us. When we come home he greets us with one of his howls. When he wants to play fetch he howls. When he is lying on the couch with us and wants some attention he howls. He is a very talkative dog! He has gotten much lighter as he has gotten older. The first picture is from last summer and the one on the grass was probably when he was about a year old. Champ weighs about 19.5 lbs .

Congratulations on your anniversary!
Janet & Steve .....Oct 23, 12...........................................CHAMP of Litter L13_L109

L13_L109_Champ L13_L109_Champ

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HI Annette,
We will put together some photos and stories about Henry + Louie. They are amazing dogs and have brought us so much joy.
Kate B.....Oct 23, 12.L12........HENN...Litter L308 & LOUIE....Litter L20_L410

HI Annetta~

Thanks for the opportunity to show pictures of our newest family member Solo.  As you know we came to you broken hearted from the loss of our beloved Chewy and you gave us Hans Solo. He healed all of us with his crazy ant tics and funny personality. What a wonderful dog he has turned out to be.  As you can see from the attached pictures he is our constant companion and we take him everywhere.  He is a great RV traveler and sleeps snuggled up with our son.  

Solo is now full grown and weighs 35lbs (just what you said he would be) and stands about 20inches tall. Thanks for giving us our boy.

PS  I have found that the best way to keep him trimmed is to use scissors and just trim a little bit every few days.  I keep a zip lock baggy to put his fur in and keep it by my favorite outside chair. Solo loves to be trimmed - sits sweetly on the chaise next to me- it's all quite nice and calming for both of us.

Cheers KIM F.....Oct 25, 2012..............................HANS SOLO of Litter L20_L410

L20_L410_HansSolo L20_L410_HansSolo L20_L410_HansSoloL20_L410_HansSolo

L20_L410 Hans Solo

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Our Timmy and Lacy are the joy of our life.  They are so personable and love to let you know that they love you.  We refer to them as the guys as a pair and the pups (still thinking that they are small) but far from that.  Weighing in at 21 & 24 lbs.  They love tomatoes & carrots for treats.  What great friends. 

Jack & MaryAnn B .....Oct 25,2012......TIMMY & LACY Pups of Litter L20_L410

L410 Timy Lacy L410 Timmy Lacy

Dear Annette,
Thank you for keeping in touch with us. 

Truffle is a true joy as an integral part of our family for nearly 4 1/2 years now.  He is very loving, affectionate and smart. He is still a bundle of energy and needs lots of exercise, which keeps us getting our twice daily walks. He loves to run, especially at the beach, and he is very fast. He is quite the protector and lets us know when anything different is going on. He makes us laugh daily with his cleverness. One of his favorite things to do is climb into the dryer to pull out socks, his favorite thing to play "catch-me-if-you-can" with. He also likes to play catch with a small ball up and down the stairs - he nudges it down with his nose from the top, I toss it back up and he nudges it down again. Truffle is close with Grandma and her dog, is flexible, and loves visiting, though he is happiest when the whole family is at home. His greetings upon arrival home after a business trip or vacation are the best - bouncing high into the air with excitement and full of kisses!

Thank you for providing us the opportunity to add Truffle to our family! 

Truffle is 30 pounds and about 22" from the ground to the top of his shoulder, 27" or so to the top of his head.

Best, Cathy, Robert & Zachary J....Oct 28, 2012..TRUFFLE of Litter L10_L1 2008

L10_L108 Truffle L10_L108 Truffle L10_L108 Truffle L10_L108 Truffle L10_L108 Truffle

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We just love our dear Jango!  We are a family of 4 and thought long and hard about the decision to bring a dog into our life.  When we saw Jango we knew he was the one for us.  He is such a smart dog, he learns very quickly and is a great listener. He loves to play fetch with his ball and is a joy to take for walks around the neighborhood.  A favorite game, our children play with Jango is hide and seek, he finds them every time. Jango also gets along so well with other animals, both cats and dogs (and birds!) What I love most about Jango is the comfort and companionship he brings to our family.  We were very luck to find one another! He is 25 lbs & 19” in tall.
Corinna K.....Nov 1, 2012.....Wine Country Doodles JANGO Guardianship....L21 _L111

L21_L111 Jango L21_L111 Jango L21_L111 Jango L21_L111 Jango

L21_L111 Jango L21_L111 Jango L21_L111 Jango L21_L111 Jango L21_L111 Jango

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Skarlett is the most adorable, lovable, playful, sweet, even-tempered, amazing doggy. She LOVES to lick and cuddle in her favorite pink blanket, and she knows she is the princess of the house. Possibly my favorite thing that "Poodle" does is wake me up every morning, without fail. She pops up on my bed, lays on my stomach, stares at me for a few seconds, and then proceeds to excitedly lick my face until I wake up. "Poodle" has breakfast with me, and I couldn't think of a more enjoyable way to start every single day. 

Skarlett is simply a wonderful addition to our family. She is obedient ,loyal, smart, cute, funny and never fails to put a smile on my face. I love my little Doodle dog to the moon and back, and I can't thank you enough Annette for my little girl.

Fun fact: She can destroy any given stuffed toy in under 10 minutes. And yes its's poodle and doodle and many  other nick names, no typo. 

DeAnna F.............Nov 1, 2012........................................SKARLETT of Litter L2_L106

L2_L106 Skarlett L2_L106 Skarlett L2_l106 Skarlett L2_L106 Skarlett

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Griffin is a handsome Labradoodle.  Here are some photos of Griffin with my sister that reflect  that.

Carol M..............Nov 3, 2012............................................GRIFFIN of Litter L21_L111

L21_L111 Griffin L21_L111 Griffin

A tail of two Charlies:

Summerland Charlie will be three years old in January.  We have had three years of bliss.  He is sweet ( lets babies put their hands in his mouth), intelligent, and loving.  One of his personalities is Home Charlie.  At home he is quiet, mellow and shadows us round. Beach Charlie ( we live on the beach) is high energy, running like a gazelle, and visiting every person and sitting sown next to them for affection.  Everyone thinks he is smiling.  I cannot tell you the joy he brings to us.  We quite simply adore him.  He is 35 lbs, just right for us.  Annette, I can’t thank you enough for matching us up with  Summerland Charlie.

Sharon and Rod B..........Nov 4, 2012 .........................CHARLIE B of Litter L17_L110

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Maria M, Crystal & Giovanna..............................................LILLY of Litter L22_L211

L22_L211_Lilly L22_L211_Lilly L22_L211_Lilly

Love our boy ,he is definitely the best dog I ever had .he has turned out larger then I thought 40 pounds.   His red coloring has much lightened and his face is quite light.    My experience with you was very good .I think that people do not realize that the generations of the dogs is very important. Marley is precious and has just turned 5

Susan C & Diane G..........Nov 8, 2012 ...................................MARLEY of Litter L9_L407

Dear Annette,

Tobit is perfect in every way.  He is the sweetest puppy, smart and eager to please.  He can do no wrong.  He wakes up once a night, goes potty and goes back to sleep.  He and Geordie are wonderful together.  Tobit is fascinated with Bailey - our 15-year old pug.  I will send you pictures.  Tobit is a perfect fit!!! Lovingly,

Debbie T..........Nov 11, 2012.........................TOBIT OF LITTER L26_L412

I also want to tell you that I certainly have the two best dogs in the whole world - Geordie and Tobit!  I do not need to leave the house for entertainment.  Watching them play is a picture of pure joy.  Tobit is a beautiful puppy!  He has a gorgeous coat, beautiful, soulful eyes and the sweetest of temperments.  He is the very best thing that has happened to me in a long time, and I am so very grateful that I met you and your wonderful dogs.  I will send you a recent photo very soon.

With love to you and many, many thanks! Debbie

Debbie T..........Jan 18, 2013.........................TOBIT OF LITTER L26_L412

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Hi Annette-

The pups did so amazing on the way home to Idaho!  Of course, we are all loving both of them!  Stella had a lot of visitors on Saturday and she was worn out! Stella doesn't particularly like men and that's a problem since I have all men in my house! LOL  So we are doing lots of bribing!  Any suggestions would be great! I have a husband, a 16 year old son, a 14 year old son (she loves!) and an 18 year old son coming home for Christmas.

Stella has not had any accidents either!  She is so smart!  We took the pups to the vet and they are perfectly healthy!  The stitches are coming out on Friday. She is warming up each day!  We are just so in love with her! 

Jen V..............Nov 14 2012................................ MAIZIE & STELLA of Litter .L212


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Hi Annette,
Hope you're having a Happy Thanksgiving. Attached are a couple of our favorite photos of Lucy.

Alisha and I were married about 6 months before we came to pick out Lucy. We promised Alisha's daughter Maddy a dog for her birthday. A dog was not something I wanted, but a  promise is a promise. I can now say that Lucy was one of the best things we have done as a family. Lucy is the glue of the family. She is the one thing we all have in common and we all love her as much as the other, even me!! One of our friends was watching Lucy walk around our house and interact with us one night and she said, "Lucy is a person dressed up like a dog". That perfectly sums her up. Lucy is one of us.

All the best from

Alisha, Maddy Lucy and Tim A ........Nov 22, 2012............LUCY of Litter L14_L209

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My year with Ruby
Dear Annette

Hard to believe that Ruby's been with me for a whole year. I remember a year ago November when we came and picked up Ruby and Olive just in time for a wonderful thanksgiving weekend.

As you can see from the photos, Ruby is amazing. We've done quite a bit this past year; there's never a dull moment for this doodle. 

We've enrolled in obedience classes and have tackled the challenges of the agility course.....we love visiting tasting rooms from sonoma to mendocino counties.....we go to doggie daycare......and we love visiting Calia and Olive in Berkeley, Otis at Dillon Beach, Sam in Santa Rosa and all of our friends in the bay area!

It's been an incredible year with Ruby....she's smart and loving. Can't wait to see what 2013 brings us!

Happy anniversary Annette and thanks again for hooking us up!
Angie and Ruby

Angie K........Nov 25,2012....RUBY of Litter

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Hi Annette,

Tulio is fantastic.  Such a lovely dog.  He is getting bigger!  And his coat is super curly!  I am training him and he is eager to please and a fast learner.

"Martha B

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Hi Annette,

Olivia (Ollie) is 35 pounds.  She's about 21" to her shoulders.
Kenny and I have had several dogs throughout our lives and we both agree Ollie is clearly the smartest, sweetest, most well-behaved dog we have ever owned.

We walk Ollie almost everyday (5-6 times a week, rain or shine).  This is, by far, the highlight of her day.  She loves running in the fields, up hills off the trails, and through the trees.  Ollie loves to chase deer, wild turkey, and dig into gopher holes, but her favorite is chasing squirrels. They're not only on the walking trails, they have the nerve to come into her yard during the day!

We try to take her whenever we go out of town, and after we bought a boat this year she took her first cruise.  People can't believe "she lets you put that life vest and those water socks on her?!" (see picture).  She lets us do just about anything from cleaning her ears (which she dislikes) to spending half an hour after each walk picking weeds off her.  The comment we hear most often about Ollie is "what a happy dog she is".   
Thanks to Kenny (Dad), Ollie has learned to "heal" on and off leash.  She will "sit" on command and "stay" pretty well.  And if she's not distracted by deer, turkey, gophers, squirrels, kids, or other dogs she will "come" on command really well. 

We tell her what a lucky dog she is but really we're the lucky ones.   Our lives wouldn't be the same without her.

Thanks, Annette, for doing what you do so well...........................

Bonnie & Ken S..........Nov 30, 2012 ...............................OLIVIA of Litter L19_L310

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Momma Mika
Here's a picture of her right before I cut her hair short when the
kittens were new to our home in September.  She was always so sweet
and gentle with them. She treated them like puppies. They all play

sweetly together and sleep together during daytime naps.

Melody K.........................Dec 10,2012 ..........MIKA (Almika)

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Merry Christmas from Maggie (born 2006 - Noir & Red Devil's pup)!  
She is still just as beautiful and the "love of our life" as the first day we picked her up from your home!!

Happy Holidays to your family!!

The Van Roekel Family Dec 18, 2012.....MAGGIE of Litter

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Hello Annette!
Hope you are doing well! Just wanted to let you know that Diego is doing really well- he is so good!! He made friends with the kitty finally and seems to be adjusting quite well..

He's an amazing animal and I've fallen really hard for him- he's a perfect companion ... We are really close.

Thank you so much for everything !!

Amber E......Dec 20,2012.....DIEGO of Litter L412

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We were on a search for the perfect "family" dog when we first met you.  After many visits with and without the kids we finally settled on puppy #5. We decided to name him "Sam" from Lord of the Rings. Sam is the most easy going, fun loving doing I have ever met. He adores my kids and pretty much any other child that happens to be nearby. Sam is now 10 month old and weighs about 30 lbs. He is light on his feet and loves to play "chase" where he can out run anyone and make quick turns. He is capable of doing anything a "big" dog can do and goes hiking, and even kayaking with us.

Since he is close to a year I just started some short runs with him but
the plan is for him to join me several days a week. Sam is adorable and anytime we are in public people stop and wonder what kind of dog he is? He looks just like a Portuguese Water Dog, curly and jet black!

At home he is relaxed but ready to go on a moments notice. He is lucky to go to work with me everyday and rides perfectly in the car.

We love our Sammy!

Marie Y...Dec 29,2012 ............................................................SAM of Litter L23_L112

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Hi Annette -

Happy New Year! I thought you would like to see these photos of Seamus and Fiona. They are so different and yet in some ways very much the same. Seamus is an amazing dog. He is loving and gentle with the young children on our court. As I write this he is sleeping on his bed - all tuckered out already on New Years Eve. He loves going for walks and runs to the door the moment I say we are going out on one. Seamus is incredibly protective of me and anyone else he loves. He seems to know peoples names and if I tell him so and so is coming over today he will lay be the door and wait for that person to arrive. It's hard to imagine life without him!

Faith R ........Dec 31,2012......SEAMUS and FIONA ..........

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