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About Us, How We Began

Every Child’s dream is to own a dog, especially a puppy. One they can play with, love, cuddle and call their own. Most parent’s dreams are for their children to have a pet so they can get real life experiences about what is involved in caring for and loving an animal in preparation for their adult lives.

After long deliberation, we accepted the gift of a beautiful German Shepherd. Unfortunately, within a month’s time, my son became highly allergic and we had to give the puppy away. He was heart broken, for they had already bonded.

A friend proposed that we consider getting a Labradoodle puppy. They are known to be hypoallergenic, having hair rather than fur. They do not shed nor have dander which causes most dog allergies. We bought “Maya” in 2003. She was everything we dreamed of having in a dog. At the age of 2, (2005) she had her first litter of puppies with an Australian Labradoodle and the rest is history. Wine Country Doodles was born ! We began raising Mini Multi Generational Labradoodles and Australian Labradoodles who are esthetically elegant, delightful, fun loving and playful dogs with wonderful, calm temperaments.

Wine Country Doodles was a fully licensed business. We averaged 3 to 4 litters per year. We raised our puppies in a friendly home environment that was sanitary and well maintained. We were concerned with our dogs well being and were diligent in maintaining our dogs and puppies happy and healthy . All our dogs were current in their vaccines & parasite control. Wine Country Doodles' "Breeding and Guardianship Dogs "were subjected to a variety of breeding health clearance tests during their breeding tenure, in order for us to maintain and keep our high standards while producing quality dogs.


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